Guaranteed Rent- we will offer you a fully guaranteed rent as soon as we sign an agreement with you.

With one single strategy for all our landlords, whether you have a single property to rent or a large portfolio of properties, we will give you a rent guarantee for 365 days a year for all your properties.

we are able to shift all the risk form our landlord to ourselves

We wanted to create an environment where every landlord would feel reassured. We believe in honesty and transparency and we always act in the best and sustainable interest of our landlord

We offer the following benefits to our Landlords as soon as the agreement is signed:

Fully Managed

Your property will be fully managed during the whole period. There will be no management cost. You will be notified about any maintenance issues with the property as per the contract. You could either get your contractor to fix it or ask us to do it on your behalf.

Minor maintenance covered-No deduction from rent

Most agencies deduct repair cost from rent each month, however, we will not! We will look after the minor property maintenance issues at our own cost.

We will not deduct any money from your rent for small maintenance and you will get full rent each month unless there is a maintenance cost that falls under the responsibility of the landlord.

Guaranteed rent for 365 days a year

Whether your property is occupied or vacant-you get paid, no rent breaks, no rent stops. We will pay rent in advance each month.

Property Well looked After

We will take responsibility of cleaning and ensure our tenants do not cause any anti-social behaviour. You will get your property back when required to its original or better condition subject to fair wear and tear as per the agreement.

Utility bills and council tax are paid

We will either pay ourselves or monitor if all the bills are paid on time by the tenants

Property Inspection:

We regularly carry out property inspection and send you the report. We will let you inspect the property whenever you wish subject to a three day notice.

Legal Expenses and Eviction Costs

We will take care of legal expenses, eviction costs including arrears. We offer peace of mind for the landlord – they don’t have to go through lengthy eviction processes. We will continue to pay you while we deal with any legal proceedings.

Our recent guaranteed rents

3 Bedrooms house

St. Mary's Road, Leyton

Rent £1725

3 Bedrooms house

Neasham Road, Dagenham

Rent £1350

6 Bedrooms house

Ruckholt Road, Leyton

Rent £2500

7 Bedrooms house

Calderon Road, Leyton

Rent £3000

Studio Flat

Bryer Court, Barbican

Rent £1350

3 Bed House

Dongola Road, Plaistow

Rent £1500

3 Bed House

Broomfield Street, Limehouse

Rent £1850